Saturday, July 4, 2009

Interested about my naked face?

Hey dears out there. Interested to see my naked face? In fact i am not afraid to show/expose them, even though i do not have a perfect skin condition but its still part of my face.. Click HERE to see more (only for those who has Friendster account) The most satisfy complexion i heart most is on page 17,number 326. I didn't noticed i have such clear skin until now...there are tons of photos of me without makeup. But hope it didn't scared you guys.

p.s: let me know through comments on whether u guys can get into my link and how do i look without my makeup..heheh..thanks


Tamara said...

I could check it out, even if I'm not on that site :)!

Your skin looks PERFECT!

Little M said...

yeah, seriously, your skin is so clear!

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks thanks honey...thanks for the compliment