Thursday, June 18, 2009


(A drop of Relvon Beyond natural foundation , so watery that it slides off)
(See the colour changes after i blend it with my finger)
(See how well it blends into my skin colour)
Before i buy this product, my friend PK bought me this, isnt she sweet? I will use it don't worry!! Oh bloggers remember that i ever post that i wanted to try the revlon beyond natural matching makeup? I decided not buying it anymore because its so watery and messy and tends to leak out. I've been to many tester counter in many stores and seems like the foundation is all over the place and cap, anyone try it before? Leave me a comment.
Sorry for the not so clear photos of the Revlon foundation ( i am using my iphone to take those.) and i am using the color tone call light medium
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-Yu- said...

hi, summer. I tried the Revlon Beyond Natural. I agree that it is really thin and very messy with the packaging. i did not like the result at all, result was too powdery and felt cakey. It made my face too matte and 2-dimensional. [no natural glow] It wasn't suited for me at all. There are mix reviews about it, but it depends on the person's skin type and preference. Just mine, i prefer not to use it. haha.

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks so much Yu for your comment,me too i find it very very messy,u should see the tester table..omg...heheh..thanks for reading my blog *maucks*