Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random post

(View from the office)
(Nice jacuzzi pool with gym and steamer room)
(Warm and cool jacuzzi pool)
(Swimming pool)
(View of Singapore flyer)
(Big glass window in his office)
(Momo enjoying the view, he is such a busybody)
(Observing what his daddy is doing)
(Stick to daddy 24/7)
(Wearing 2 dresses,white lace sleeveless underneath the purple,to layer it)
(Me, doing nothing but cam-whoring)
(Sorry for my ugly feet,just wana show the shoe i am wearing for that day)
(Morning sunshine)
(Momo like to follow what his dad is doing)
(I bring her out to match my purple dress)

A day where me and Momo goes to my hubby office, its Momo first time going to his daddy's office therefore he is super excited when he reach there. Running round and round smelling at all the unfamiliar items. Sorry for the unexciting topic..Will come up with more stuff yah..


rae630 said...

awww! u have such a cute doggie! what a nice spacious office!!! u r too cute summer!

Aralka said...

Momo is really cute. I love this dog now, haha.
And the office look really nice ^^


DarlingSummer said...

Hahhahaha..MOMO wants me to say hi to you 2 beautiful ladies julia and rina!! *woof woof*

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I like the idea of wearing two dresses to layer one over the other~!

DarlingSummer said...

hehehe..thanks for liking it!main reason is tO prevent my purple dress from flying up to expose my butt..hahaha