Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review of my new love

This is my new love love shampoo and "she" is the main reason why i keep my Tsubaki back into my cupboard. Essential damage care is her name. U can read more on THIS PRODUCT. First she has a soft fruity smell claims that you can even smell it when u swing or flip your hair (bonus to those who is beside you), 2ndly because it claims to treat damage hair, 3rdly it is not too rich that develop oily scalp after few hours of wash.. I love this and will definitely try its condition too. Who doesn't love the sweet pink bottle, right? Grab yours today dears!! Definitely something worth trying!

Product Description:

Protein and moisture gives dry, brittle, color treated or damaged hair new life. Honey, hydrolyzed conchiolin and royal jelly extract provide nourishing proteins that penetrate hair follicles. Light aroma with a sweet note.

Wild rose essence provides moisture, with a fruity flower note. Strengthens hair follicles and prevents split ends with regular use.


Sassy Jadore said...

hm...I've never tried any Japanese shampoo before, but this sounds like a good one with a nice floral smell and a plus for the pink bottle. ^___^

DarlingSummer said...

Its really smell nice,i love love this product..u should give it a try,i was being attracted by the bottle at first coz its pink and when i try it i was like wow...this is good...hahaha

Anonymous said...

where did you buy it?