Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Playing with Black N Brown

Its 3.33am in the morning and yet i am not asleep,all thanks to the "tea" that i took that keep me awake, sigh.. so since i am so awake like an owl, i shall goes.... Guess some colour just doesn't suit me at all, was out with my friend yesterday, since i am carrying my LV sling bag, i decided to play with my Brown palette (to match my hair colour and my LV brown), was in a rush therefore tried to do a smokey eye with it, end results failed: i am not really sure why the outcome look so bad, was wondering is it because the colour doesn't match my skin tone? or i am really bad with eye makeup or hmm..maybe i am not born a painter(sad,i am learning to be a good painter). LOL...and of course not to mention, nude lipstick does not suit me at all (is it because i am not used of the look or it does really look funny on me), my looks give an impression that i am really sick and need immediate medical attention. LOL...
After i reach home i decided to play with my M.A.C blacked tied since i have not remove the makeup yet, worst look i ever done, i look like the KungFu panda.. Hahaha..i need comments/advice/suggestion from all the beauties out there!

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