Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shopping service anyone?

I am thinking/considering if i should start a shopping services business (to help buy the items that u guys want me to buy and not the one i recommended, coz some of you might have unknown allergy).. mainly to help beautiful girls from other countries to buy beauty items, cosmetics and products that are much more available in Singapore or should i say Asia. But i have lots of doubts about it.. i heard too many negatives things and also i read a blogger having lots of outstanding till she have to terminate the service so i am gona give it a serious thought. If you guys think its a good idea please leave a comment or suggestion to make it work. Sometimes i do wish to get products or cosmetics from Boots, Superdrugs, Primark (which doesn't have a website), H&M (which doesn't have a website), and its frustrating that its not possible too, coz its not even available here. I get to read from other beautiful bloggers that they wish to hands on some products example Maybelline Angel Lift Foundation, SK 2, Japan products,Taiwan products, Korean face shop products etc. Some products might not be available at the place you stay, some people are paying much more for the same products that u get in your place compare to the here.Why spend the extra?
Do you know a bottle of OPI nail polish cost SGD$23.90 here and only can be bought in certain mall? when my friend told me that you can get it over in the US for about USD$8,chest pain after hearing that!!!

1)How do i make sure that i don't have outstanding?
2)How do i make sure that the items are not damage during the transit?
3)How do i charge my services?
4)How can i make sure that i will receive the payment?

If i'm gona start this, i wish people can give me the list of items they want in specific name of products,code,how many u want through my email with your name, address, contact number.. Shall give a deep thought about it, hope it works and benefit you girls out there!!


rae630 said...

Hey, hun! I think that would be awesome! I definitely would order stuff from you. But you have to remember there will be people who may be difficult to work with. I used to do ebay, and there are always those "negative" people. My goodness! OPI IS expensive there! OPI goes on sale here, like buy 2 get one free, stuff like that. If you would like, dear, I will do a swap with you!!

Sassy Jadore said...

Hey sweetie,
Thanks for dropping by my blog and following. I luv what you wrote in your profile and I agree. You are who you are!! Smile :)

Regarding about starting a shopping service business, that really depends and like you said you need to think through everything and it may or may not work out for some. I actually thought about that too, but I'm still not quite sure about it since I don't really have the time atm.

Cute blog. I'm going to follow too. =)

DarlingSummer said...

To Sassy Jadore:

Thanks for the blog visit dear,i have my doubts too..shall see the reviews and then decided should i carry on with the idea...:)

DarlingSummer said...

To Rina:

What you say is true,there tends to be a few bad apples out there that spoils the market,hahaha..feel free to let me know the items that u are interested in,i'll help u check it out and let u know..if u are interested then i'll help you get and post it..