Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peep into my private life

(The royal purple room,nah..its my bedroom)
(My favourite door tag)
(Soft toys are woman's accompany)
(Section where i put my big bags)
(My friend bought this for me)
(My main door to Master bedroom)
(My kitchen)
(My cozy room in Tiffany blue)
(My view from bedroom)
(My small part of shoes)
(Another side of the cabinet)
(My cozy room door)
(My living room toilet)
(My dressing corner,which i seldom use)

(My special tag in closet)
(My walk in closet)
(My master bedroom sink)
(My bedroom)
(My toilet)
(My room mirror)
(My window with seater)
(My small dining area)
(My shoes cabinet)
(Our wedding photos on the side table in bedroom)
(My living room/Hall)
(My refrigerator with magnets from places I've been)
(My TV console)
(My display shelf in the living room)
A peep into my home for those who are curious. As for me i am always dreaming on how other people's house look like.. Love those who are staying abroad with big houses, backyard, swimming pool, big bedrooms and bathroom, at least that's what i often saw on TV like 90210. In Singapore due to the lack of land, most of our house are flats or condominiums ( High rise buildings), small surface area range from 70 to 120 square meter. Unless you are super rich to afford a landed property ( those house i watch in 90210 but smaller). Over in Singapore, the houses here are expensive, the cars are expensive, standard of living are high too. One thing good about here is, its very safe in Singapore to even walk alone in the middle of the night, and its a clean environment too, seldom see litter around. So let me show u around my house..hehehe and thanks for the mini tour.


Tamara said...

Ooooh what a lovely appartment you have over there! I love the colors of the walls, I absolutely LOVE the kitchen because it looks really modern plus a bit of minimal and GIRLY! Ahhhh!

Great place you live in!

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks Tamara!! U are so sweet.glad u enjoy my mini tour of my home..hehehe..btw i heel your advice about the 20% on the service charge.Thanks . *lotz of muacks*

prettii-uglii said...

omg i absolutely love your place especially your bedroom and the kitchen! purple is my fave colour :D haha.

thanks for following! xo

DarlingSummer said...

Hi dear,thanks for the compliment on my house.

summer :)

rae630 said...

awww!!! so cute!!! I love the kitchen and the little area with the stuffed animals!!! i wish i had my own place with my bf!!! someday!!! and i'll invite u to come and stay... and go to disneyland, hahahaha!!!

Rena x3 said...

omg O O
your kitchen is amazinggg
your house is so adorable!
: ) especially the couch too!

i want to visit singapore. > <

simpliizity said...

you've got an awesome apartment girl! love the pinkish kitchen. lol. i can't wait to get myself an apartment too :D

Anonymous said...

omg ur house is beautifull

Sassy Jadore said...

Wow~ Awesome place. =)
I really like the purple and pink color of the place and that totally Pink kitchen. My first time seeing an all Pink kitchen. hehe. Luv it. =)

Audrie said...

omg..your home is soooo lovely and pretty!! I LOVE your bedroom and the pink kitchen!! You must feel like a princess every day living there :)

nerdygirlmakeup said...

Love it! I wish I could hang my purses like that, but I would need a bigger place haha :)

DarlingSummer said...

To all lovely ladies here: Rina, Rena, Simpliizity, Elisa Marie!, nerdygirlmakeup, Audrie, Sassy Jadore.

Thank you for loving my apartment.. thanks for the comments! Love you guys.. In fact my apartment is colouful, different color for individual place.I pick out all the colour myself since my hubby got no objection to it.Glad the color work out well.LOL

Lotz of Love,

DarlingSummer said...

Rina !!!!Omg...disneyland..arrhhhhgg..i cant wait!!! All along i wanted to go to disneyland in USA.only been to paris ...

Kaylee said...

Wow your place is so nice >.< love it ^^

DarlingSummer said...

Hi Kaylee!
Thanks for saying so,and of course thanks for dropping by

summer :)