Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One of my favorite skin care products

(My cleanser other than Origin)
(My moisturizer other than Vichy)
(My sunblock)
(Close up look of my Fav BB cream)
(My One and Only makeup coverage)

Due to Sensitive skin i have (which i often break out red patches on my skin due to unsuitable skin products). I often dare not try new items, once its unsuitable i have to leave the whole bottle untouched, wasted. Same goes to hair products. Therefore i dislike wearing compact powder or foundation as it always gives me breakout over my nose the day after i applied. Now I am very grateful to one sales girl who recommend this Dr G. products (often get good review in magazines). I start out with it and felt in love with this brand. Never did i ever finish one product till the very last drop except this and Vichy. BOTH of this never gives me any breakout, rashes, nothing, only leave a protect layer over my face. Its not oily at all. Mind u i never apply moisturizer in my entire life before i start this, coz i hate the feeling of something covering my face "feeling". Now i give a thumb up to this products. As i was told, Dr G. is suitable for skin that is below 40 years of age as its not too rich in the formula.

I'm deeply impressed by this therefore i give it a go:

Gowoonsesang is a Cosmeceutical brand as well as a Global Esthetic Network brand which operates 25 branches including dermatology, plastic surgery and medical esthetic spa in Korea.
It also has 2 overseas branches in Shanghai, China and Beverly Hills, USA, proudly representing the largest total medical skincare group in Korea and 2nd largest in the world.

It is the No.1 Cosmeceutical brand in Korea which was established by 8 medical doctors (MD/PhD), 43 dermatologists, 114 nurses and 110 medical estheticians with abundant clinical experiences of treating over 300,000 patients since 1998.

  • Gowoonsesang is the No.1 skin clinical centre in Korea
  • In Seoul, every 1 out of 8 women is the user of Dr.G skincare products and services
  • Star product: Hydra Intensive Mask is the favorite mask of the Korean president’s wife
  • Dr.G is appointed by Asiana Airline to provide the skin care service for their first class customers


rae630 said...

Thanks for sharing! are these products expensive?

DarlingSummer said...

Hey Rina,

I've just type in the price for the above products in my blogshop.Some i've forgot how much i paid for it,but i will check out if u wana know. smile :)

Dr G. BB cream is $43 for the 60mls, 1 tube seems to last a lifetime, haha..coz u just need a small amount each time.

As for the hydra intensive cream is $59.90.

The sunblock and facial foam should be about between ($30 to $50 ),i threw the box way with the price tag on