Tuesday, June 23, 2009


(Grade 2 spicy hot noodle soup)
Spicy wanton (dumpling) soup, spiciness grade 1
(Cold noodle,spiciness grade 1)

Over in singapore, u can eat food from all over the world, Singapore is consider a food paradize too, some coffee shops open 24 hour everyday so thats the time where people gather to watch soccer game, have supper, stay up for chit chat and those who work late at night, show u what i've eaten so far, these is a store in Chinatown which is open by 2 middle aged couple who came from China, i think these are consider their staple food because everyday many china people will Q up just to buy these, the food are super super spicy and super oily,the chilli come in grade 1 to 3, 1 as the least spicy and 3 this the super spicy, after these 3 bowls, both me and my friends develop Angelina Jolie lips without any lip enhancer... Hope you enjoy!


Phoebe85 said...

Hikzz... Looks like it very delicious... Makes me hungry.... >.<
I love Spicy.. Hehehehe..
Next time i wanna try it if I'm going to Singapore....

Aralka said...

This soup looks delicious.
Now I have time for cooking, so maybe I will prepare something like this...? ^^


DarlingSummer said...

Hi Phoebe85,
u should try and see whether u like it or not.for me tried once is enough coz its too oily for me.

Hi Aralka,
If u like spicy food and know how cook,try it! i'm sure u will have a sexy lips after

PinkyKathy said...

WOW i love spicy food too.
Have you tried Thai food??

DarlingSummer said...

To pinkykathy,
I love love thai food!!! the think of it make me drool..one of my favourite.