Monday, June 8, 2009

Cant wait to start ordering?

I've decided since i am not working now and staying at home most of my time, i decided to set up my own little online shop. ( I've got lotz of free time to help do little shopping). Reason is i love to blog and at the same time love to shop. Therefore, I am officially going to open my blogshop ( here ... So.... what are you waiting for girls? Get your want list ready, your little shopping helper (me) is going to make your shopping items come true..

Shopaholic ladies from oversea :

1) Who wants to buy items that is only available in Asia

2) Who wants to own something that they can't buy it online

3) Who trusts me to help them purchase items that they want

4) Who needs my service to make your want list come true

5) Who wants to try out Japan, Korea, Taiwan brands products (which available in Singapore)

6) Order anything as long as its available her

My Responsibilites :

1) I will get back to you whether the products u want are available here, before u make a payment for your purchases (1st payment).

2) I will let you know the actual selling price here of the items u want (with no mark up cost)

3) I will reply to your doubts before u make an order

4) I will take photos of your purchases/items before i post it off to you(so that to assure you that the items are in no damage.

You will be inform if there is any delay for purchasing your items

6) I will let you know how much to pay for Postage Rate accordingly to weight of your items according to Singpost (2nd payment).

Things to take note of / Terms and conditions:

1) Sorry guys,u need to pay through (not yet decided) first before your shopping list is on the go

2) Please allow 3 to 5 days days for your purchases to be completed (i need time to search for it)

3) Places of
manufacturing may varies, may be different from what u see or research
(Example: Vidal Sassoon over here may be manufacture in Thailand,China etc..)

4) 10% Service Charge will be charge on your total amount spend in my BlogShop (all in SGD)

5) For request items 20% Service Charge will be charge on your total amount ( i need to travel and search the items for u, and transport allowance to hunt for the items u want.)

6) All prices stated from me is in Singapore dollars (SGD)

I am NOT responsible for any lost/damaged items sent via normal mail.

No refund or Exchange (as i buy your items accordingly to your email stated)

For Registered mail, please add an additional $2.30 on top of normal postage fees.

10) I will NOT hold any responsible for any allergy reaction or side effects of any products as i am only helping you buy the items that you want in your email.

No cancellation of orders after confirmation/ paying (as i proceed buying your item once i received your payment)

By ordering my products, you are deemed to have agreed to the above TERMS & CONDITIONS stated clearly above .

Things you can order:

~ Hair products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling items, Hair Dye, Hair Fragrances..)

~ Facial items (Facial wash, lotion, Toner, Masks....)

~ Cosmetics (Magolica, Fancl, Faceshop, Skin food, Maybelline, Revelon
, K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner , Canmake..) ~ Magazines (Singapore, Taiwan, Japan,) ~ Gems, beads, flowers for decoration can be ordered too

Ordering process :

1) Submit your request or orders to

2) Wait for Email Confirmation before making payment

Ordering format:

Your Name:
Mailing Address:
Name of items:
Code for the products (if any):
Sizes (if any):
Mail preferences: Normal OR Registered mail


rae630 said...

ahh! exciting!!!

Tamara said...

This is actually really interesting. But 25% charge?? Why not 20% it sounds better?

You could make the pays via paypal... everyone who shops online has paypal..

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks for the suggestion dear Tamara, most probably gonna use paypal.I haven't register yet coz i just finish creating my blogshop and typing out all that stuff.scratching my head till now which is 4am over my side..HAHA.will modify abit tomoro and soon i'm at your service.