Monday, December 7, 2009

My birthday present from Jennifer

Jennifer's sweet creative handmade birthday card
See how cute this is *touched*
See this packageSee all the awesome presents inside the packageRecycle bag-go green!!
Jennifer's handmade one in the world lei for me
I just love these chocolates and macadamia nuts and a hawaii calenderi've fall for this!! i want more
A very sweet Tiffany blouse
A dark green off shoulder blouse with flowers at the side
A very sexy dress,thanks jennifer
Such a cute blue home slipperCosmetics

Sweet Jennifer has send me a big package of birthday presents and i would love to share my joy in blog. Just like Rina,she love to pamper me with all the goodies and i am so happy to receive it..Thanks so so much Jennifer,thanks for being so sweet to me.receiving your present really make my day...I love your cosmetic and clothings and yummy snacks..i fall for the honey macadamias nuts,i can't find it over here and i miss the crunchy nuts so so much...guys,dun you think that the birthday card is a cute and beautiful one?


Ken said...

wow that is a lot of stuff~!

Jacque said...

Aw you have a super cute blog! I just discovered it and love it!! Those are some really cute blue slippers! They look extra comfy!

Sugar Bunnie said...

the slippers are too cute♥
tell me about the quality of the elf flat top brush when you try it

Vanilla said...

awww cute presents!
yeay thats shen ri kaui le !:P

Vanilla said...

awww cute presents!
yeay thats shen ri kaui le !:P

Anonymous said...

CUTE presents±!! The dress is so sexyy! I love your blog"!!!

If it comes in pink said...

That's a really cute card, I love the slippers too!

kalai said...

wa~~ so many goodies! xx

Anonymous said...

Aaaw cute! lucky you! I especcially LOVE the bag!