Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My lovely package from Amy

I wanna thank Amynaree here for this lovely package...i love love the nail polish and lip gloss set u gave me hun! u know u shouldn't have to sent this! The card is so pretty (in my fav color pink) that i kept it in my drawer :) and i use this pencil case to keep my lipstick in my drawer.. will use the nail polish when i am on leave.. coz currently now i am working so nail polish are not allow..


amynaree said...

hi Summer glad you like the it! it's really something small, thanks for being so sweet :)

Vanilla said...

amy is such a sweetheart !lol
btw did u get my email?hahha

Emily said...

wow so pretty!! such great stuff u got from amy!!!

sizbelle said...

amy is really a sweetie for this psckage!

Summer Darling said...

@sizbelle- yah,totally agree,she is such a sweetie

@emily- yah,she is so sweet to send me this :)

@vanilla- she is totally..oh the only email i receive is the komart :)

@amy- yah i love love it :) thanks for this hun