Saturday, November 7, 2009

How i spend my saturday

I use the beauty rush lip gloss from victoria secret that sweet Rina send me,oh my,it taste sweet and smell like it!! i know weather in singapore is hot but it doesnt stop me from wearing my ugg boots, since its rainy days recently i wore them out today :)

Yeh. went to the latest mall in town call the CITY SQUARE MALL (singapore first eco mall) near mustafa. Disappointment is how i feel, i realize all the malls in Singapore are more or less the small coz its like every mall has the same brand of shops, no new shops=no surprise. I went for a manicure to pamper myself, now my nails bed are super clean and neat! so happy, choose a color that is light and not too obvious coz i need to work and nail polish are not allow :( i wish to try some bold color like yellow, orange ,blue or even green but i just can't. but i am tempted to try the gel extension, maybe the next round. hehe.

And i went for early birthday celebration with my family, we had it earlier coz my brother is in army and wont be around next week so we had a family gathering today.. oh and did i forget to share with you guys my good news? I ordered my customize birthday cake today..will share with you guys next weekend :)


Zoe said...

That mall looks really huge though^^...Love ur outfit, u look cute in those pictureห~

Dina (XYYan) said...

you look so cute here!
i agree with you, Singapore's malls are pretty much the same... but i heard that the new mall Ion is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Love your look!! Super pretty and cute!!! Your complexion is amazing!

Summer Darling said...

@ zoe-thanks hun,the mall look hugh but nothing much in there.disappointment

@ Dina- thanks dear,yep all the mall are pretty the same,ion is good coz they bring in new brand into singapore,like New look and a big Sephora

@ Thanks stacieee-thanks dear, no no i apply makeup thats y it look amazing..hahaha..

Vanilla said...

i love ur makeup ! and ur boots !
i just ordered a pair of boots and i wonder whether or not ppl wear boots in singapore !loll

Anonymous said...

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♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

cute outfit n nails!
Shan x

audrey said...

you look so cute, i love your look^^