Thursday, October 1, 2009

What is your goal purchase?

Do u have a goal on something u must get? Or a dream that u wish to fulfil? Or something on your wish list that u wish to have at a certain age? For me i do.. I wish to have a CHANEL classic 255 with gold hardware by the age of 30 and a HERMES BIRKIN bag in orange by the age of 35. Even though to some ladies here, its something they can get easily get their hands on (some even own them :) envy u.. lol) but for me its a "want" items in the list, not something i die die must have, not something u cant turn away when u see it and definately not something i will rush buying, at least its a goal I've set in my life, but at the same time asking myself do i really need it in my life.. A hugh dilemma in life... Nice to own it but what good can i achieve from having them? except for a period of happiness coz i am adding them into my collection and a hugh sadness for the amount of money lost in the bank from buying them.. So is it "a must have" or "good to have" items? What do you think?


Toothfairynotes said...

I have the black 2.55, loving it.
I do want another (bigger) Chanel bag and wallet. Not a goal or something, but Chanel just makes pretty stuff. Can't help it... :P


Kasia_B said...

I love that Chanel purse, wish I had it as well.
Much love Summer!

Kalmo said...

Hmm I don't have a full time yet (college student) so I don't really think about these things haha. Those items are really nice though!

JordanMayTwigs said...

I am with you on wanting to get a Chanel bag.
I would like to get a good work bag once I get a good job.
As well as a nice party bag for going out.

Currently my bag collection is very small.
Due to the fact that I use the same bags all the time.
I sadly had to retire my Betsey Johnson straw bag earlier this week.
Since it is no longer summer.

I would also like to one day own a Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet.
With lots of adorable charms on it!!!
That I can pass down from generation to generation.

Peace Love && Lipstick

adin_22 said...

me too I've been wishing for the chanel 2.55 bag.......but I think birkin bag is too much for me...hehe....

Maria FS said...

i want both those purses and bigger chanel bags and a closet full of clothes. mariah carey status.

Vanilla said...

i think its good to have one.hehe.unless u say u wanted LV,but its hermes so the price outweigh the happiness.haha.
i see u want orange hermes birkin thats why that u kept saying any orange wallet look like hermes.hehehe
i want birkin but i want the black

kalai said...

i love your goals^^ chanel is top of my list.. but i don't think i'll get one=__= lol plus i always change my mind^^ xx

Emily said...

wah summer!!! that chanel bag the black one is so *_* gorgeous!!!

Antonea said...

I think the Chanel bag is gorgeous but i still see it as a status symbol. I've seen other designers with gorgeous quilted bags for much, much less. I plan on getting one someday.

But i don't see the allure of the birkin...

I'll stick to my Guess and DKNY bags. :)

sizbelle said...

ya, i like the chanel bag in black too. i'm also having a liking to Miu Miu ones. My nearest goal is to get LV damier canvas totally PM, this is much easier to achieve than the other 2 above lolx

ryder said...

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rae630 said...

I think a Chanel would be a great buy. I really want one classic and sometimes I wish I didn't buy so many small purses. I could've used all the money for one Chanel and be completely happy. I used to want a hermes bag, but its just way too expensive. I'd rather buy another car or put the money for a downpayment on a house. hahaha. <3 Rina