Monday, October 5, 2009

Food from food court,not restaurant :)

Dinner yesterday with family
Lunch yesterday with hubby
Ice cream at Haagen Dazs
Dinner 2 days back (hubby share)
Dinner 2 days back (my share)
Dinner on tuesday
Popcorn (cheese and caramel mixed)
Snacks (fish,chicken,caramari)
Chee cheong fan with prawn filling (midnight supper)


rae630 said...

looks so good, summer!!! i wish i can go eat out with you!!! <3 Rina

Anonymous said...

YUm!!! You always post the best food pics!!

Vanilla said...

no wayy look at the ice cream !so kawaii !hehehe
i want those calamari n fish too

Kalmo said...

Wow all this food looks super yummy. :)

kalai said...

the ice cream looks so good!! i want ice cream so much now=__= lol must get some tomorow^^

were you talking about the PURE blush in peach? it's £7.80GBP so about 17.60SGD. There's a Christmas 3for2 deal on all drugstore cosmetic brands where i bought it. so it works out nicely. if your still interested in it or anything else from uk i can get it for you~^^ xxx

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yum...I have a weakness for caramel popcorn...