Monday, October 19, 2009

Chanel or Gucci sunglass?

Since i pass my driving i wish for a pair of nice, cool sunglass that will not look out of style, a classic pair to own so that i can wear it for as long as it can hold... Isn't it cool to remove sunglass, shake your hair loose when u step out of the car? LOL.. Aren't those celebrity always do that? Hahaha... please don't puke..i swear i am not do such a "celebrity" act when i step out of the car... Till now i cant find a pair of sunglass i like as i cant gauge whether will it look good on me for those i search online. Do you guys have recommendations? suggestions? link or photos to show me? Leave a comment for me yah?! Thanks huns.

I am eyeing Gucci Aviators,Ray Ban, chanel.But if u have better suggestion let me know.


Tracy said...

It will be best to try different shades personally as there are so any different types from just any one brand itself. Do stick to comfort level as I know of ladies who choose beauty over comfort and have the shades too wide, too high and simply just isn't comfy.
Different brands/models suit different face shape and nose bridge.
I personally like shades from Oakley (they have those for Asian fit), Chanel and Ray Ban.

Aquaheart said...

I have Chanel Sunglasses and they are the best! They are going to last me forever! One time they dropped and the lens fell out. Horrible! but it just popped back in! Definitely worth it!! hope this helped!

Oh! and I suggest black because they go with everything! :D

Vanilla said...

wow ! u actually earned ur driver license while i dont,i cant even park
dont do that celebrity style when im with u,im gonna puke
i always find 'classic' pair sunglasses but if we gonna splurge on designer sunnies,who wants to wear it for only one year??haha

sheri amor said...

I'd go for rayban..

Summer Darling said...

Thanks for the suggestions.i will heel your advice...

Hi vanilla- dun worry i wont do the celebrity style.haha.what u say is true,i wont want to spend so much on something and last only one year

AquaHeart- u have a chanel sunglasses? wow..which model do u own?i am still searching for a perfect one :)

Tracy- comfort is what i find the most important,i dun wanna spend big buck and waste it on a sunglass that is not comfortable and will not wear it the 2nd time.

Antonea said...

i had such a hard time finding a pair too!

I suggest looking for some with sleek lines. I also have a round face like yours so wide, large, round glasses don't look best on us.

The pair that i finally fell in love with were rectangle shape with a string sharp line.

Read this for guidance:

or this

rae630 said...

Chanel! Chanel! Chanel! heehee. I only have one pair of expensive sunglasses and they are Dior, and I TOTALLY regret not buying Chanel sunglasses instead!!! I think Chanel and Ray Bans are timeless.

Summer Darling said...

Hi rina..thanks for the suggestion :) hope to find one pair that suits me,hehehe