Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My outing today + gifts

My lip colour
Full makeup
This lip color make my lip look so smooth
we went to this graffiti shop for noodle
Graffiti on the stool
Our orders
Our yum yum noodle
This moisturizer is Hugh
My friend bought these to cheer me up
Sizbelle gave me these 4 masks

Due to my moodiness these few days, my friend decided to ask me out to cheer me up.. She is so sweet to buy me chocolate coz she say chocolate never fail to make me smile :) We went to orchard for some window shopping. She bought a big tub of moisturizer from Sephora. i mean a hugh tube (400mls).. Hehe...and we had some wanton noodles too before heading home.

Lovely Sizbelle is so sweet too. I met her before she head to work yesterday coz i need to make amendment for her bracelet and guess what she gave me? she gave me 4 masks to try.i am surround with lovely people around me that pamper me.. I'm spoilt!!

Do you guys love my lip color? I love it a lot, i mean i really heart it...its from Bobbie Brown name pot rouge for cheek and lips in PALE PINK. The pink reminds me of Hello Kitty or Barbie dolls.. Very sweet color, i top it of with gloss and my lips transform into a pretty lip.. :)


adin_22 said... nice of them..I wish I had my friends here.....I agree with u.....that bobbi brown lippy is so pretty..:)summer pls. join my giveaway..

Tracy said...

Nice lip color! Very sweet and girly.... And I hoped you have cheered up =D

i_wander said...

wow! you are soo pretty! i like your lip color! how i wish my lips are that soft too... ^_^ btw, nice blog you got here! and oh so many followers! :) i'll see you around...

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling more chipper! It's always good to have caring friends to bring you back into a good mood =)

I love the lip color, so pretty! and the food is looking mmm mmm good =D

amynaree said...

your lip color is really pretty.. sizbelle is so sweet to give you those masks to cheer u up :)

rae630 said...

awww, y so moody, dear? candy and good food make me happy, too. i like your first pic, you look so young and innocent! very cute! yummy food! <3 Rina

Anonymous said...

nice post T_T

you;re yummy...jk

i mean the food T_T as I've thought ...

more drooling.. not only with you..

Marce said...

The look is so sweet and cute. I love the lip colour you chose =)

Antonea said...

Aw I'm sorry you were in a bad mood but how wonderful to be around nice people!

Looks like you got a lot of cute stuff.

LOVE the lip color on you.

Summer Darling said...

Hi darling,thanks for the sweet comments and concern.i feel so much better today :) i am super OK now...big maucks for you beauties

*~kAy~* said...

your lips really do look smooth! <3 so pretty :)
love your makeup look :)

your friends are so sweet :)
chocolate makes me happy too haha! :P

the noodles look great! :P the pig graffiti is pretty funny too.. :P

Kalmo said...

Very gorgeous FOTD Summer! That food looks soooo yummy, thanks for sharing pictures! Ah Sizebelle/Karen is so nice! It's awesome when bloggers meet. Sorry to hear that you have been having a few bad days, I hope your days look brighter!

May said...

What a great friend to cheer you up. Yay my MBD masks, they're my favorite:]