Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do you love Cath Kidston?

Rose Sprig Wash Carry Case
Duck Roll wash bag
Duck wash bag
London book bag
Regal Rose Carry All Bag
Spot Carry All Bag
Rubber Duck Bath towel
London Box Bag
House Sewing Basket
Twin Lid Sewing Basket Spray Flower
Sewing Basket Mini Dots
London Charm Bracelet
Mini Dot Travel Wallet
Mini Dot Cosmetic Bag

Why do i love them? Number 1 because of the color, Number 2 because of the prints that looks very country which i love love, number 3 its reminds me of London. Now u see why i love CATH KIDSTON
? Their print is so cute including the accessories. Do you agree with me? For those who are living in the UK, u are so lucky to have easy access to them. :) So ladies, what is your favorite brands or design and from where? For CATH KIDSTON its from London, whats yours?


Kalmo said...

Wow super cute! I never heard of this brand until now. ^^

kalai said...

what a coincidence^^ i just bought one yesterday^^ i got a carry all bag in the print of the first photo. the shop was so cute.. i wanted everything~__~.

i dont have a particular fave brand. just a bit of everything^^ i have a few westwood accessories. xox

Sarah said...

ahhh i luv cath kidston, the store is sooo cheerful :P i bought a makeup brush bag from it, the brushes are perfect and soft and the bag it self is soo practical and cute ^.^
i will try to post about it soon :D

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

I first some of cath kidson bags in heathrow airport. >< gutted that i didnt buy some then.

Yes they are very pretty.

I want that box bag.. soo cute!
Shan x

yoli said...

so cute!

May said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing! U;m

Khristina said...

Love all your labels!
Go girl- love from South Africa


Stephanie said...

Those are super cute. Thanks for posting!

linda t said...

I would give anything to have Cath Kidston stores here in the USA!
They had plans to set up stores here... but I guess that is on hold. Sad for us.

Katie said...

Do you own all those things you've got pictures of? Is there ANY chance you would sell me that twin lid sewing box?? It's old stock, I've been looking for it EVERYWHERE... I live in England so I could send you Cath Kidstone stuff in return?... :)