Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Congrats to these 2 beautiful winners!!!

Winners please get back to me within 24hrs
If not i will randomly choose a new winner

Me and my hubby had a hard time choosing the winners so we decided to use random.org., a better and safe way of choosing a winner (coz i am afraid i might disappoint the rest of the girls and seems bias if i choose according to liking) so here it is...The 2 lucky winners choosen by random.org is....... **Drum roll**

1) Number 23 in my list (Shan)

2) Number 11 in my list (Kalmo)

Congrats to you lucky ladies...pls send me your address via email (summerleaf13@hotmail.com).

For those ladies who didn't won, don't get disappointed yah, its just for fun... please don't hate me. A big thank you for sharing your bag collections with me, the time and effort spend on it is really appreciated. *A big hug and maucks for all 30 contestants beauties*.

For your information i am already 28 coming to 29 years old this coming 13th November. Really thanks to all the girls for making a guess.. Phew.. Guess i can hold off the anti ageing products till next year. Hahaha. Guess i will continue to drink my soya bean milk (this may be the reason why i look not my age), i have been taking soya bean milk since i am in my mum's tummy till now..my fav drinks that i cant live without are soya bean milk, plain water and milk

There is a lovely, sweet young lady who took part in the contest but seems a little too late BUT PLS PLS go check out her awesome blog...u will agree with me coz she is so pretty ,check out her blog --->HERE
This is the first impression that she had on me for the first impression:
First Impression:
My first impression when I visited Summer's Blog is that she's a very positive person. I could tell this right off the bat by the way she smiles. In all her pictures she is happy and smiling. So I knew right away that her blog was going to be filled with cute and fun stuff! I'm so bad with age guessing but i'm going to guess that summer is around 18!


Sherry said...

congrats winners,

tell me the secret stay young :)

adin_22 said...

Congratulations to the winners...... summer,we are exactly the same age and born on the same month..haha....and I love soya bean milk too....BTW, I didn't guess your age by your face I guess it cuz' u said that u worked as a nurse for a few yrs..just estimated it...hehe..but u really do look so young....

Kalmo said...

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful and generous giveaway Summer, you're so nice. I feel very happy to have won, thank you so much for being kind. I am very grateful. Ah you're still very young but you look waaaay younger. ^^ You have a beautiful smile, thank you once again!

Kalmo said...

Congratulations to Shan as well!

Aquaheart said...

Congrats to the winners! This was so fun! :D

Tamara said...

Omg nooo way that's ur age xD!

I look older and I'm 21 D:!!

funkiimonkee said...

Hey summer! We are nearly the same age:) I am turning 29 this October so don't worry you are still younger than me although you look soooo much younger! Gotta get me some soyabean milk! ehhe

Summer Darling said...

Hi dears who leave me comments..u guys are way to too.clever nicola who use my number of years of service to estimate my age...hehe

Hi Shelly,yeh,we are born in the year of monkey.we are just a few days away from each other

Hi Tamara,omg,since when u look old...yep yep i;m 28 going on 29,i am the old woman here

Hi Aqua heart.thanks for the comment :)

Hi Kalmo,congrats to you!!!

Hi Sherry.secret maybe drink more soya bean milk,helps with fairness too i think

kalai said...

congrats to the winners^^

my guess of 23 was quite off~__~ and even then i thought you looked younger than that=__= you don't look 28 at ALL!! i've got to get drinking soy bean milk again.lol.

thanks for doing the contest. it was fun^^


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners! How awesome =D and WOW you do not look any where near your age. So young and beautiful!

Summer Darling said...

Thanks Kalai! hope i can host another contest soon :)

Thanks LMX..i'm reaching 30 soon :)

rae630 said...

congrats to the winners! that was a fun giveaway! thank you summer!
<3 Rina

DonDon said...

yay shan and kalmo!! ^^ congrats you two!!

MEii said...

congrats to the winners!

&.omg u do not look near 28 at all! u look much younger than tat

Emily said...

yay congrats to Shan and Kalmo!!

summer, come on its ok, we wont feel dissapointed, its very fun to just show the bags :D thanks for having this great giveaway your very nice

aww...and yah Amy is so nice, pretty, and sweet, just like u! :]

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

Hey thanks for the giveaway.
Im guna email very soon.
Congrats to Kalmo.
Thank You :3

Shan x

rhaindropz said...

dear.. you don't look like 28 =)

Summer Darling said...

Thanks for taking part in the contest.:) thanks thanks!!