Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Regarding my 1st giveaway contest

Hi dears,
I'm so sorry to announce this but I need at least 5 entries in order for this giveaway to take place
, if not maybe next time then. So keep your entries coming in. Dead line will still be 31st August 12 midnight( Singapore time,GMT+ 8 hours) Visit my contest blog HERE for more informations.U can choose to do one of the question below or both,up to you to choose..I will be adding more stuff to the prizes as a surprise if this contest is a success.

Options between these 2:
1) Submit your photos of your bags collection and 1 photo of your fav out of the rest with short descriptions
2) Guess my age and what do you think of me for your first impression when u first see my blog ( a short one will do).


Emily said...

thanks! sorry, i didnt have time yet to gather all my bags and take a picture yet :p i'll do it asap, summer thanks for the lovely giveaway

Tamara said...

No worries, I think people will enter.. they are just lazy like me :D!

I will post it tomorrow, cuz now it's too dark to take photos.

but again, don't worry!
You are giving away some fab items over which I drool! And I'm sure others do too..

Aquaheart said...

Do I post it on my blog about the bags? thanks! :D

MEii said...

Hey Summer, thanks for the comment! &&.nice to meet u too!

and i'll be join ur giveaway when i come back later on tonight cuz i'm about to with my bf right now so count me in for the giveaway! XD

rae630 said...

i'm sure a lot of people will enter!

adin_22 said...

I just can't find a lot of my bags...I think I left it at my aunts house...:)

DarlingSummer said...

haha..thanks beautiful ladies for willing to join my contest!! lot u guys lots

Sherry said...

my guess of your age is early 20's max is 23 :)

oh bags.. let me grab camera :)

Big M blog said...

Really great collection.I think its so cheaper.Keep it up.

Lu said...

Is your contest open for anyone in the world or only certain countries? My guess for your age is.......24 (same as me) :)

My first impression of your blog was that it was very cute as I like looking at different cultures.

I can't do a picture of my bags as I'm staying at a relatives for awhile and my bags are at home :( xXx