Thursday, August 13, 2009

Origins facial cleanser

Never A Dull Moment
My fav: Deep Cleanser with White Tea
My friend bought for me the latest mascara by L'OREAL
Super yummy sweets
Purchases of the day with Checks and Balances

I have been using Origins facial cleanser for quite some time now.. The current one i am using is Checks and Balances doesn't smell really nice but it really cleanse my face well. Before i bought this i went online to read more about the reviews, seems like everybody love this more than the previous one i use, so i decided to give it a try.. 1 thing for sure, a small amount (size of a pea) can allow u to clean all the way down to your neck, can u believe it??? I don't really know how to describe the smell, a bit like minty bubblegum? I really don't know but i don't fancy the smell much, same goes to never a dull moment. Since i post a photo of the mascara,might as well i do a review.. U ladies should get this.. I love how full it makes my lashes look, its still a new product over here.

But overall i still love deep cleanser with white tea because they smell much more nicer (citrus smell). Gonna buy it after i finish this.. It is still my number 1 cleanser!

My ranking for Origin cleanser :
Number 1---> A perfect world (Deep cleanser with white tea)
(Read it more HERE)

Number 2---> Checks and Balances (Frothy Face Wash)
(Read more HERE)

Number 3---> Never A Dull Moment (Skin brightening face cleanser with fruit extracts)
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rae630 said...

Good info! Thank you, dear!

Tamara said...

I have the same mascara and I really like it. I also use the MaxFactor False lashes effect which makes my lashes look like falsies!

I love both, but from the two hmm.. I guess I'd pick op the maxfactor, tho l'oreal gives me more volume and a more natural effect. But the bad thing is that it dries up pretty quickly and that some people say it clumps.. tho I think that everything needs its own technique!

DarlingSummer said...

True.There are so many mascaras out there that tempt me to buy them,hahaha

K.C. said...

Thanks for the review, I'm really interested in Origins now!

DarlingSummer said...

Hi K.c. i personaly find them really good.i still love the white tea coz they smell really really refreshing..ooh i've post my wedding entry before.thanks for the compliments darling