Friday, August 14, 2009

My Mini Haul

This is the color i bought

Swatch for the eyliner (its so call smudgeproof)

Went to Orchard today and (sigh loudly), i went into a big shopping trap... burn a big hole in my pocket.. ohoh no my credit card, poor hubby will be the one paying it since i am not working at the moment.. Poor Ryan.. (i promise i will stop buying, he heard this sentence zillions times but it just never happen) haha.. forget about the sadness and welcome the mini haul ladies

Things I've bought today:
* 1 dress (oh i love the color combination, pink and blue)
* 1 turquoise skirt with beautiful detail
* Contact lens solution
* 2 boxes of Contact lens (brown and clear)
* Shu Uemura Turquoise cream eyeliner under the "Primitribe Fall Mode collections"


jennifer said...

I think the skirt is SO CUTE!!!

Joey said...

I like the skirt and the dress. Kind of hard to look fo this at M'sia.

rae630 said...

Ohh! I like the skirt and dress! I think we have the same taste in clothes!

May said...

Cute dress and skirt! I like it both:)

Emily said...

wah~ great stuff ...nice haul thanks for sharing u got a cute style :]i like the turquoise color its really pretty!

DarlingSummer said...

Hi dearies...i think the skirt is really cute and its in turqoise and i so gonna get it..and the dress in my fav color and look so girlish when i wore it so i bought both..i wore it for my cousin wedding today (15th august)...hehe

K.C. said...

Great haul! I love the dress and eye shadow.

jessica said...

hi summer...can i know where u got your clothes from? Very nice!!