Thursday, August 13, 2009

E.L.F swap with Jennifer

Liquid eyeshadow: Misty Mauve & Dream Cream
Eyeshadow: Natural & Blushers: Joy and Bliss
The arrival of the package
All the goodies in a box
Jennifer's love letter for me
Thats a lot of stuff
My new brush collections

My first mineral blushes and eyeshadow

Hawaii magnets!!! I love magnets
She made me this cute ribbon clip
and these cute exchangeable ribbons head band
I tried with the black ribbon

All thanks to JENNIFER , she shared with me one wonderful news which is E.L.F is having 50% discount and she is so sweet to offer to help me buy those i want, so we did a swap. These are the ELF stuff i chose and i am so loving it. Jennifer is so sweet to send me a box of Hawaii chocolate, i haven't open them (too worried that they will end up all in my stomach within sec). She is so talented to sew 3 ribbons, 1 ribbon clip and 2 ribbons for a headband for me. I'm being spoilt by her. A bit disappointed that complexion perfection is out of stock ,guess too many people are grabbing it, y didn't u guys leave one for me?? Lol.. and now they come out with a few more new items like eyeshadow and blusher from studio line...(eyeing them like a hawk now. hehe..i need to stop coz i have too many already) Their brushes are so soft and no smell.. See how can i not love every single thing?!

Things i got from ELF:
Mineral Blush: in Bliss (slightly peachy)
Mineral Blush: in Joy (pink)
Minearl eyeshadow: in natural (orangy bronze)
Mineral Eye shadow primer: in Sheer
Mineral Eyeliner: in Black
Liquid eye shadow: in Misty Mauve
Liquid eye shadow: in Cream Dream
Eyebrow Lifter and filler in: Ivory and medium
Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in: Glow and light
Complexion Brush
Blush Brush
Concealer Brush
Eye shadow "C" brush
Angled Foundation Brush
Kabuki Face Brush
Translucent Matifying Powder

Gifts from JENNIFER:
2 Hawaii magnets (that add to my magnet collections on the fridge)
ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder
1 big box of Mauna Loa chocolates
1 Isle Treasure yellow plumeria flower hair tie
1 Hello Kitty Hawaii Key cover (I am using it now)
1 LUSH bath bomb in Butter Ball


sizbelle said...

wow thats a great ELF swap you gals had. gal, try out those brushes tell me if they good. I need new brushes...sobsob

Tamara said...

Ohhh that's really some great swap you had! ^^

DarlingSummer said...

yah.i am super duper happy
i think u wont go wrong with the brushes

Zoe said...

Those are really pretty stuff, nice haul^^

kanishk said...

Thanks for posting good stuff its really helpful....

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DarlingSummer said...

welcome dear kanishk!