Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dinner with friends

The menuMany dishes to choose fromSeeing this making me hungry nowThe side sauce..we can't live without chilliFried fish whitebait
The food that we ordered
Creamy pasta with grill calamari
Seafood platter for 2 with garlic butter rice
My 3 beautiful ladies
Our drinks

Went out with my friends for dinner after my driving lesson on Friday.. This restaurant we went to is call "The Manhattan Fish Market",slurp slurp... the food is yummy, we chat and they pour our soul out and of course gossiping.. had a fun day, went home late at 11.30pm.. Cant wait to meet up again


sizbelle not my real name... said...

the white bait is really yummy and i missed it, why i get to see so many food posting today? makes me feel really hungry...

Dana Yoshimizu said...

GOSH, the food look SO YUMMY!!! *drools*

rae630 said...

ohhhh!!!! garlic butter rice!!! sounds sooo yummy! wish i was there!

aniiita89 said...

the food looks soo goood !!!! ^_^

DarlingSummer said...

i feel hungry too when i see this photos

jenie said...

that really made my stomach growl in complaint...havent had lunch yet=)

btw,hope you can come visit my blog too=)