Sunday, August 2, 2009

A day Shopping with hubby

Given to me by Miss PK

Can u see the pastel color flowers in the cab?
See this cute London Taxi in pink,driver wearing a pink cap too
Too bored in carAnother boring me
See how tired i look
Trying my best to put up a good smile

Went out with my hubby this morning to get some stuff from Etude for a friend. Hmm there are so many things to blog but little time and i do not want to compile so many things in one entry in case u guys fall asleep while reading it. LOL, getting tired recently, not sure is it because of my "monthly menses visit", went out with my friend few days back and she is so sweet to cheer me up with marjolica mascara (she knew that all along i wanted to have it), i find that the price too steep therefore i hold my urge to get their products.. A BIG BIG THANK YOU TO PK *MUACKS* and a bottle of supplement primrose oil.. she always spoilt me with gifts, chocolates and stuff that i want feel so pampered .

More updates coming up.. all the shopping haul, sweets haul, my upcoming plan for giveaways...blah blah blah...


Zoe said...

What a pretty taxi^^

U look so cute in those pictures^^

DarlingSummer said...

Its the first time i saw this pink cab..but i still love the cabs in bangkok...they are so colorful..thanks for the compliment