Thursday, August 6, 2009


I have been tagged by Shelly on the 10 things i love and i sat here for like 10 mins not thinking on what are the 10 things i love BUT on how to minimize all my love to 10 things. LOL... But i guess i just have to pick so here they are.

1) My hubby (Mr Ryan)- If i don't love him i wont get married to him. Isn't it obvious? Haha.. he is 1 man of few words but he is super caring and someone who except and love me for who i am. Mushy but true.. Without him i won't be here blogging and shop without having a job even though he is not a "thing" but its a MUST to include him in

2) Pink- I love everything in Pink. My pink lappie which i use everyday and my pink Camera is something that will always be found in my bag.. i can't live without them... i have a saying "Taking photo is not about how beautiful, funny or ugly things are but its a reminder of the past we went through."

3) Birkenstock- I am definitely a sandal person... I love love Birkenstock, they never hurt my feet, they are comfortable, they come in many beautiful colors, they are suitable for the weather here in Singapore which is sunny 365 days, they are durable.. What else can i emphasize on??

4) Bags- I love BAGS, I am a bag person. Nothing interest me more than bags, nothing envy me more than bags too..i have a weakness for it. I am a bag collector

5) Chocolate- No matter its ice cream, milk shake, cakes.. as long as its made from chocolate is my fav, and i can't live without it

6) Travel- I love to see the world, I love to learn about culture, see beautiful places. Aww...make me want to travel again !!!

7) Momo my dog- I love him and i treat him as my son.. he never barks unless someone at the door pressing the door bell.. he is a very fast learner too

8) Shop- I love to shop, be it in Singapore or during holiday i can never shop buying (i guess u guys are already nodding your head to agree,woman are born shopper)

9) Mascara and blusher- I love love them. If i am to throw away all my makeup, i will secretly hide this 2 items. Simple and yet they make a big difference to the whole face (at least to me)

10) Water- I love to bath as well as drink... I can survive without food but i can't live without water.. I am well known for thirsty hippo coz i drink a lot and i bath 2 to 3 times a day..


~tHiAmErE~ said...

im a water person too..
i can't live without it..
i was sick for the past couple of days & my mum told me i should not take a bath...its been 2 days already & im itching to take one..
& since everyone's asleep i took a bath
it's like ambrosia!lol

i hate heels & i love sandals!

funkiimonkee said...

Hey Summer:) Thanks for dropping by! You love chocolate too? ahha and shopping? me too! I love birkenstock too and I plan to wear mine when I go to Singapore! I cannot wait!!!! Thanks for your shopping advice! I print out your email and hopefully I can go thru it all in one day! I only got one day!!! BOOHOO!

adin_22 said...

oohh..its nice to know u better...I'll email u later..:)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

I loveee blushes too :P

DarlingSummer said...

Hi dearies!!!

@~tHiAmErE~, me too,i think i will do it the same like you,secretly go for a shower when no one watching..hahaha..i love to bath to cool myself down from this hot weather

@funkiimonkee, dear,since u only have one day,just visit Orchard road in the morning at 10am and proceed to cityhall after that(raffles city,citylink,suntec and marina square) u can even take a romantic ride with your hubby on SINGAPORE FLYER.i guess it will be a perfect trip.

@adin_22 , I guess that yah,through this top 10 things u guys will get to know me in dept slightly better..

@☆Anastacia☆, blushes do wonder to the them

rae630 said...

heehee. i like water, too. whenever i'm at a restaurant i'm constantly asking for more water. sometimes i ask for two glasses so the waitress/waiter doesn't have to keep coming back. heehee.

DarlingSummer said...

me friend say i will be like those APO patient that constantly asking for water from the nurses in future..i will never give a miss on drinks!