Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whats the sweetest thing u heard?

Hey beauties out there!!! Just wanted to find out what is the most romantic words or sentence or anything that your boyfriend, hubby, hubby to be told you before u sleep or go to bed? I didn't realize guys can say such mushy words.. Let alone my hubby who is someone that show me his care and love through action most of his time seldom through verbally, guess he will kill me if he is reading this, LOL. Of course he come out with 2 versions of his sweet talk, let me share with you guys. Share with me whats yours in my comments

Every night before i sleep he will say this to me:

1) Bao Bei, if i don't wake up tomorrow, remember that i will always love you but if i didnt wake up, remember to wake me coz i am late for work."--> funny version

2) Bao Bei, if i don't wake up tomorrow, remember that i still love you ok?-->romantic version

** Legends:BaoBei is a chinese word, in english it means sweet heart or precious baby


funkiimonkee said...

AWww how sweet! I think the only thing I can think of is my fiance calling me pork chops! Not exactly romantic ahaha my ex bf called me "stupid gal" and he thought that was cute! :-/ you're lucky yours remind you that he loves you and makes sure you don't forget! awww!

Blair said...

Awww... that's adorable! My ex called me 'baby darling' which I hated hahaha.

Thank you for vising my blog and commenting! I'm glad you found my entry useful =D

sizbelle said...

I like both version, mine is just good night dear that's it. How I wish he could say just a bit more mushy words to send me to my dreamland. Haha...

DarlingSummer said...

Hi dears,Love hearing your comments,but i guess no matter what he call us or tell us,it means he love us right?

@funkiimonkee: your hubby to be is so cute,calling you pork chops.LOL..sometimes my hubby call me pork fats just to irritate me too...haha..