Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My current soap

This is the current soap that i am using, its being bought back by my mum when she went Taiwan for vacation, but seems like i cant find it in the internet...sad..this smells really good and if i didn't mistaken its for whitening purpose. Not sure if its true,but the smell is enough for me to use it continuosly


e. said...

hey summer! :) the soap looks really pretty, what does it smell like? O_O aloe? haha
i loveeee JASMINE scented soaps! thats my favorite scent of all time..what is yours?
do you guys have the soap store LUSH in singapore?? i'm not sure if they have it there but i loveeeee the soaps from there..only because of the scent though because i dont like that "SQUEEKY CLEAN" feel after showering with their soap makes me feel pretty dry sometimes...but i do love their shampoo called "I Love Juicy"

and :)yeah! i did order the pink essential damage control shampoo+conditioner! but its the smaller size, i got it off sasa.com i think it was about $4 something each but if you said urs is $6 something for the big size then its really worth it!! I went to some stores around my city and only found one store selling the big size conditioner for $16.99! so expensive! I also ordered the yellow color shampoo from essential its the RICH PREMIER shampoo :) i hope it works as well as the pink one! because my hair doesnt work well with american shampoo brands :(

wow! sorry for the long comment hah :)

rae630 said...

ohhh! lovely soap!!!

DarlingSummer said...

Hi E,
Nah its ok..i love to read comments...Mine shampoo comes in the 550mls..yep find somewhere that is cheap,the store that you found is so expensive..There are certain shampoo i cant use it either,example for the herbal essence,my hair get so dry that i can't comb it through.There are some shampoo that cause my scalp to be so oily that my face turn oily too.yucks yucks..
I'm not sure if over here we have LUSH store here,thanks for the recommend,i will go find out if there is any..some of the bath gel i like to buy in Crabtree and Evelyn. i love the Summer hill bath gel.Smell nice,i call it a "happy smell"

Emily said...

such a pretty soap, i love how japan stuff are always made so prettiful and smells so good !