Monday, July 6, 2009

Food and more food

These are the few things that i ate. Awefully sinful but i just can't help it..

1) Taiwan famous oyster mee sua (noodle)
2) Secret Recipe truffle cake and cheesecake
2) Japanese Tako pachi (flour ball with filling of octopus)
3) Bakerzin cheesecake (
Cream cheese coated with a tangy strawberry glaze)
4) Beard papa cream puff
5) Sushi

If u wanna know how the famous mee sua store look like refer HERE, sorry manage to find the web from Malaysia but still its look the same over here.


rae630 said...

ohhh! i'm so hungry!

Kasia_Infamous said...

Yummy!!! I wanna try everything you showed!

DarlingSummer said...

Looking at these pictures do make me hungry too.LOL

Emily said...

aw the cakes look so yummy :]