Monday, June 22, 2009

Tsubaki number 1 hair shampoo in Japan

(Tsubaki shining shampoo and conditioner)
(It really lives up to the name)
(See how soft and shining they are)
(I love my shiny hair)

Yesterday i went out to purchase my shampoo and conditioner. I've read in some of the forum and blogs, seems like many are loving it so i decided to give it a try... Omg.. They smell good and the results of using it is superb. As u know i like to dye my hair and the lower part of my hair is so damaged but after using this my hair immediately becomes so soft that i can run through my hair with my comb smoothly, believe it or not i normally cant comb my hair with comb without using hair conditioner and can break the plastic tooth of a comb..So tested and proven this is a good product. This come with 2 color bottles (white bottle for damaged hair, red is for shiny). I did not want to try the white ones coz afraid that they are too rich for my hair and coz oiliness which i fear most. Give it a try, u may love it as much as i do

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