Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer the vain pot

( Items used )
Align Center(Wash face)
(Change to outfit)
(Velcro up ,ready for makup)
(A small amount of BB cream)
(Dot on your face)
(See the difference with (Left) and without (RIGHT) BB cream?)
(Flawless.. look a bit too white,trust me..after a while the colour blends well)
(Draw my brows)
(Eyeshadow time,sorry blusher and lipstick applied)
(Eyeliner drawn)
(Lashes up)
(All done)
(A kiss goodbye)

Photos of me taken when i am ready to go out for some shopping, i know i know..i am a vain pot and like cam-whoring. Please forgive me i am overall still a woman who loves and learning to paint her face. LOL!!

My steps of putting my above makeup :

1) Wash face (Origin deep cleanser with white tea)
2) Apply contact lens
3) Apply Toner (Vichy Purifying Astringent Toner
4) Apply mositurizer (Vichy Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care)
5) Apply BB cream ( Dr G. Brightening Balm)
6) Apply Blusher ( CanMake cheek graduation)
7) Draw Brow (Lana cane)
8) Put eye shadow (H&M in My Favourite)
9) Apply eye liner (black and white from Red Earth)
10) Apply fauz lashes
11) Apply Mascara to lower lashes (Loreal)
12) Apply Lip stick ( Shu Ueruma in nude)
13) Apply Lip gloss (H&M in delicate pink)
14) Spray my perfume (Flora by Gucci)

Wah la, i'm all ready to go out, time to choose my bag and shoes to match my outfit, oops by the way, i am wearing a brown jacket and a brown denium skirt.TA TA!!


Audrie said...

ooo nice tutorial! You look so kawaii :P

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks Audrie, u make me *blush blush*


rae630 said...

I love the eyes!!! what handbag did u end up choosing? I can't help it! I'm a bag-addict!!!

DarlingSummer said...

Hi Rina,

I bring my "3rd daugther" which is my LV Speedy, hahaha..i always call my bags "daughters". Me too i am a big sucker for bags..My knees goes weak when i see new designs out on the display window. Woman....LOL

Summer :)