Saturday, June 13, 2009

My white pearli

After seeing my dentist today, i finally smile wider with my lips spread open ,nah.. just joking only. Just wanna show u my white set of teeth (no lazer done and of course no Porcelain veneers, too costly). I only did a polishing which cost only $45 ,cheap and good enough. I used to be so afraid of going to the dentist. The drilling and the metal sound made my spine shiver, but after getting my wisdom tooth done by this gentle female dentist, my fear of going back is gone therefore i approach her to polish my teeth for me since i am removing the stitches from my wisdom tooth site.. I am so happy with the outcome even though they are not as white as some of the beauties out there..


rae630 said...

i'm so scared of the dentist. hahahaha!!! i had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out at the same time (suggested by the dentist). BIG MISTAKE. The oral surgeon gave me 8 shots of numbing medication. He was so rough, and rushed the whole procedure. He took all 4 out in 30 mintues and two were buried in my gums!!! AHHHHH!!! I'm gonna faint just thinking about it. hahahaha. some nurse, eh? hahahahaha.

Crissy said...

Well white teeth aren't healthy anyway! Healthy teeth are tinted a bit yellow and laser treatments just damage your teeth.. It's scary lol.

I like your teeth! I can't smile wide yet haha

DarlingSummer said...

Hey Rina,
OMG!! if i am in your shoes think i will never ever step into a dental clinic again..4 in 30 mins is too much,my dentist took 1 hour to remove my one and only tooth..My first numb shot done few years back is horrible too but i think this round i am just lucky enough to find someone gentle like her.
Btw,who say nure cant be afraid?nurse are human too.LOL!!

Summer :)

DarlingSummer said...

Hi Crissy,

Really? I didn't know that white teeth are not healthy..I really learn something from you..Thanks so much..i know u have a big beautiful smile too.

Summer :)