Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My latest Love DIOR!

Oh my god, I just bought my long waiting Dior Addict Lip Glow to arrive in Singapore! I have been waiting for quite some time. This baby cost me $40, but love the box! After applying,my lips turn to light pink, as what i read from the literature in the box, that the colour change accordingly to the warm of your lips.Whats best is it contain SPF 10 (protect my lips from the hot sun) and it moisturize my lips. Gonna bring it with me wherever i go..


rae630 said...

i was just looking at this at sephora!!! i'm glad you like it, maybe i'll go and get it to and try out!!! :)

DarlingSummer said...

Oh u should dear,its nice to own one.For lip care is important too.Hey Rina,if u ever have your want list ready for me to help u purchase,let me know coz i'm gonna give u a little surprise(just for you only)

Aralka said...

Is it a good lipstick? Do you recommend it?
Looks really good ^^


DarlingSummer said...

Hey Julia! Yah i love this lipstick..it gives me the pinkish look after i applied on it with this full lips.It gives a tingly sensation.and has got this minty taste
as stated in the Dior literature inside the box,stated that :
"Dior addict lip glow reacts directly with the unique chemistry of woman's lip before releasing its colour ingredient.lips seem revived from within,amazing fresh,full and radient,"

DarlingSummer said...

radiant i mean,haha typo error