Monday, June 15, 2009


(Half done)
(A small garden growing on the surface of my camera)
(What u require for nail art)
(Ribbons with a gemstone)

Moody is how i feel now, not sure whats the reason, maybe because my PMS is coming? maybe because hubby not spending quality time with me as he is busy with work for his exhibition this whole week, or maybe i am upset about something which i am unknown of..... but whatever it is, i never fail to do something to cheer myself up. See my new nail design I've done after watch a vids on how to do it. A bit messy but how glam can i ask for since i am not a pro in it..overall i still like how it look.. hehehehe..
Next is my uncompleted look of my "GARDEN" camera, i run out of the pearls, gonna get it tomorrow in order to finish up. Do you like it as much as i do?


e. said...

awww i hope you feel better!! :) smile!!

and YES YES YES YES x a million. i LOVEEEEEEEE your camera decoration..its soo gorgeous! I wish i had the money and tools to do something like that with my camera :( so envious of you! I cant wait to see the finished look :) You are veryy talented!<3


MiuMiu said...

cute nails! if i did that, it would come of so easily.
thanks for following =)

DarlingSummer said...

Hi Miu miu,thanks for dropping by!!

Hi Emmy,thanks for your comment,your comment makes me feel much much better!!will upload once i've done yah.

rae630 said...

awww! hope you are feeling better! love the camera decorations.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Thanks for following my blog hun <3 I'm following yours too now :)

& your camera is SO cute! ^__^

kamyara kay make-up said...

your camera really looks cute and i like the nails <3

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks hun for reading and leaving such sweet comments.i will do more updates if i can yah.

Love Love,

MakeupJunkee said...

i am totally diggin the camera. its sooo cute..

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks MakeupJunkee!! will post up the finish product

Summer :)

joolyn said...

nice decor work to your DC - happy garden!
good crafting with the nails too
uber sweettt