Monday, June 1, 2009


(content of "Her world")
(Content of VIVI japanese July magazine)
(Content of MINA magazine)

(comes with a free Hello Kitty sticker )

(chinese version of japanese magazine)

I bought a couple of magazines, in English(HER WORLD,produce in Singapore), Japanese(Vivi for the month of July) and Chinese X2 (VIVI and MINA translate in taiwan for the month in June ). So many magazine but little time to read and flip,hahaha..took abit of photos to share with you guys about the contents,hope u like it


rae630 said...

Love the magazines!!! How much are the Japanese magazines there?

DarlingSummer said...

The Japanese magazine i bought cost SGD$18.70 at KINOKUNIYA bookstore,some may cost more than SGD$20.The VIVI japan magazine that has been translated in Taiwan cost much cheaper its SGD$9.98, MINA magazine cost SGD$6.69

rae630 said...

thanks! i am always curious about prices!! hehehe!

DarlingSummer said...

No problem,u can ask me anything..