Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Etude House Haul !!

(Look how cute the shop is)(I should say its a princess room)(I want the cosmetic pink traincase,too bad not for sale)(I want a dressing table like this)(My purchases of today)(Sweet purchases)
(My eye makeup remover)
(My blusher)(Sweet box)(With flash)(Closer look)(My eyeshadow)(Sweet casing isn't it)(They come in 4 other different colours,mine is in purple)(Starting from left: white, purple, pink and dark greyish purple)

(On the right is my blusher)

I totally love love love this product, reason is simple, because the shop is in pink, the decoration is in pink and their product is soooooooo cute... prices are reasonable too i find. I think you girls will go gaga like me if you see such a cute shop, guess what? I even approach the sales girl if their still need staff, therefore i left my particular there. Think i am over crazy. Etude house just open their first outlet in Singapore, there are stores in Vietnam,China, Bangkok, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan. There are so many cute foundations,eye shadows, bb cream blah blah...
Hope you guys too love my purchases!


rae630 said...

ahhh! so cute!!!! i wouldn't be able to leave that store. the eyeshadows and blush you purchased are great!!!

courtney said...

aww its all so cute! i especially like the shimmmery strip thing! ps, if your interested in a blog sale (aka cheapish makeup!!) go check mine out. i have some really pretty eyeshadows, a palette and more!!

Aralka said...

oh, what a great shop!
How adorable!
Why I don't have it in Poland?! :< T__T
I envy you.


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Omg, it seems like such an awesome place! I wish they had a Etude House where I live!

DarlingSummer said...

Is a very cute shop,i am so happy!Need me to help purchase anything let me know.check out their webpage.