Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love for today

(Color on hand with no flash)
(The 3 lipsticks i bought today)(2 in Rimmel and one from Loreal)
(With flash)(Side view of Rimmel lipstick)(One of the limited Edition Loreal lipstick)(Colors of the Limited Edition lipstick, sorry can't find the other 2 name online)(Total purchase for today with my before DIY pouch)(My DIY pouch results)
(Happiness felt after i found and DIY you)
Align Center(The inside view with a small mirror and gold color zip)

Da da da da....Love my purchases? I love it. oh my oh my!! Found a few new lipsticks and one of them is a limited edition item(the one in the center), there are 3 of them which is listed as Limited Edition. These limited edition comes in 3 colors but i like only one. I can't seem to find the another 2 in the net, so funny. Anyway i love all three colors. One day i shall apply on and see how it look with my makeup on, ok?
As for the pink pouch i found it in a Korean store, this store sells all the Dodo club cosmetics range from blushers to eye shadows to eyelash to skin care products, blah blah blah, Korea souveniors black Anna Sui look alike mirrors (luckily i have a anna sui look alike tray, a container for putting brush or combs,and a mirror at home,if not think i will grab on the spot), sizes from small (keychain) to big (those we put on table), some come with comb... Oh they sell all the noodles, kimchi, snacks, drinks,spoon,stonepot blah blah blah.... I love this pouch simply because its in baby pink and its fluffy (stated in the label inside the pouch that its made in Korea), best of all it look like one Big Brand, u guys know it don't you.. LOL. (Even this brand doesn't produce this cute looking pouch, if not i will grab it. Therefore i decided to DIY a bit. I am so in love with this bag, gonna use it to put those makeup that i frequently use, its the last piece but they still have one and only gold color, think i am going to get it tomorrow, will ask them if they have one in beige or white. Not sure if they still have stock because i wanted to keep it as extra.

These are some of the mirrors that is similar to the one i saw in that shop:


rae630 said...

pretty lipsticks!!!!

DarlingSummer said...

very cheap too for the rimmel lipstick.onli $12.90

Anonymous said...

OoOo I'm loving that bag!!

Thanks for following my blog. :)