Monday, May 25, 2009

Hair extension

One day when i was walking at Far East Plaza in Orchard, pass by a shop doing the hair extensions, seems like its a trend recently.. After some thought, i went to try it..after choosing the colour that matches my hair colour, i sat there like 2 hours for them to braid in the hair extension to my own hair, (total of 120 strands, each costing $2 each ) love the overall look, but after a day i regret doing it because i spend longer hour washing my hair, drying my hair and having problem tying it (it's so obvious to see all the hair extension knots when u clip it up or tying it into a bun). Its not the worst thou, but worst part is when u try to remove all the extensions, lots of my own hair got entangled, worst i drop a lot of hair.. So scary.. Its over know and i learn my lesson, Hahaha but at least i tried it before , therefore no regret involves!

Article shows that:

"Hair extensions may damage your natural hair.Some people who get heavy hair extensions experience some thinning of their natural hair due to the extra pull the hair extension creates on their scalp.Damage to hair should really be minimal if the hair extensions are applied properly, although permanent hair loss has occurred in some cases."

"When you transform your shorter hair into long hair, you're going to have more upkeep. Long hair extensions require gentle combing, deep conditioning, and special care to prevent tangles. You may find all of this maintenance to be time intensive. Some of these problems can be avoided by using good hair for your hair extensions."


rae630 said...

Love the look, but BOO on the hassles!!!

DarlingSummer said...

totally agree!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great though hun!

DarlingSummer said...

haha..thanks sylvia!!