Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My home cook food

Last week i feel like cooking so these are my home cook shrimp paste chicken, fried silver fish vegetable with brown rice mixed with white rice :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Package from JordanMayTwigs

My drained out happy faceMy first ELF shine eraser
Sugar lip palette
The package include these goodies

Yeh.. I've received the package from JordanMayTwigs (for those who are new here in my blog, me and Jordan did a swap a few weeks back, we set an amount of usd$25 and i've got her package today), Thanks so much Jordan. Its my first time having the burt's bee lip balm, my first relvon eye lashes, my 2nd bottle of OPI that add to the collection..hehe.

But sorry about my face in the picture, coz i look really tired after work... even though the workplace is not loaded with work , we are consider very free (as i am still new so we are still at the tagging stage) but due to about 8 months never work ever since i've resigned, i feel so drained out waking up early for work and come back at 5pm :(. For those who doesn't know, i got a new job (part time job from Oct to December) thats the reason why i did not blog so much compare to months back.But stay tune coz there will be more updates coming up :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Are you ready to see my Haul??

Our total purchase for Marjolica
My lucky draw gift
Peep into the bag
Skin care stuff in the pink pouch
My fav from $100 goodie bag
Sample of the perfume in $100 goody bag (marc jacob,diesel,ferragamo)
From door gifts and $100 goodie bag
Align CenterThis is the party we went to at Singapore Expo
The pink room (nail parlor)
The Shu Uemura workshop
Makeup session on stage using Esprique cosmetic
My limited edition handphone charm
Our total mask purchases (1 set for each of us)
My shopping partner
Total purchase with our 3 goody bags
This is the makeup case that i love (free with $130 purchase)

Look at the inside (its PINK!!)See the inner layer inside
Our Kose purchases
Our total purchases from the party

On saturday, 26th Septmeber, me and my friend went for the cozycot HOLY GRAIL PARTY, its disappointing for the door gift, they give lots of brochure and leaflets about the products only a tube of Pantene hair treatment, a bottle of yogurt drink, a bar of snack and a few sample sachet. But the catch is if you spend $100, u get a goodie bag for free, and if u pay $200 by credit card (citibank), u can claim their goody bag too. But the counter stuff hint to me that its more worth to get the $100 goody bag. Me and my friend spend total of almost $400. We bought masks (my beauty dairies) ,Marjolica , Kose mask, Esprique precious comestics. My friend is so cute, she buy more stuff in order for me to have free makeup case by Esprique( comes free if u spend$130) coz she knows that i love it so much. We fill up some survey form and got the limited edition handphone charm. I am so lucky to win a goody bag from the hourly lucky draw and i went back on Sunday to claim it after they send me a text. Hey guys, if u want to me to review or do swatches on certain items that i've purchase do let me know yah,i will try to do it. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Childish? yes i am

Just wondering if you girls watched "My sweet 16" (be it the US version or th UK version)? I don't care if they are real but i just love watching it... Their life is so glamorous...i used to watch my sweet 16 in the US ,now it seems that they are showing the UK version and i love it more than anything else.. the amount they spend on their party is like way off. Do you like like this TV show? i know i am way too old to watch this but i like :) CONFESSION: I LOVE LOVE MY SUPER SWEET 16 UK EPISODES

Hope u had fun hun!!

Some sushi for early dinner on the 2nd day
Sweetie's beef spicy noodle
mine a spicy tofu noodle
Sorry, heart shape for privacy purpose
See this pretty lady

This young lady came to Singapore for a short stay so i bring her shop in orchard (DFS,Far east plaza,wisma,takashimaya,Ion orchard,shaw house) and vivocity (Ben & Jerry) and accomapny her to the airport..hope you have fun these 3 days hun...i am waiting for our ben and jerry ice cream photos!!! HAHAA...

Friday, September 25, 2009

My mum

This is my mummy.. i did makeup and style her hair for her 2 days back, so what do you think? pretty? Hhahaaa.. wanna guess her age too?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My first CATH KIDSTON bag!!

See how big this is?! omg...
I love love it

Guess what? I manage to own my first Cath Kidston!!! Its huge and the quality is so good..oh i am so loving it!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gathering with my friends ( feast again)

They order sushi
My friend with hubby and her 2 boys
They bake some cupcakes over
These are my friends from nursing school
Whole table of food
Want to know whats inside the bread?Tada..its curry
My home cook fried sambal kangkong
They order takeaway (fried slice fish)
My home cook Salted egg yolk prawns
My home cook Cereal prawns
They order fried rice
My home made cold prawn salad
Their takeaway broccoli with mushroom

My home made shrimp paste chicken